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Welcome to Matrix Early Learning – Early Childhood Education for Children in Campbellfield

At Matrix Early Learning, we provide premium early childhood education – including kindergarten, preschool, pre kindergarten,  childcare and long day care – to children in Campbellfield.

Based in Fawkner, our facilities include six bright and stimulating classrooms featuring age-appropriate design and play and learning programs. We also have a spacious landscaped outdoor area to further promote our play-and-explore style of learning and encourage physical development.


At Matrix Early Learning, we now offer free government funded kindergarten programs under the state government’s 3-year-old kindergarten Best Start, Best Life program. With no out of pocket expenses, your child will receive the best early childhood education and a solid social and educational foundation to build on for life.

How We Teach

Our teaching programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework principles of “Being, Belonging and Becoming”. Through play and exploration, children are encouraged to naturally engage with their surroundings, with educators directing and expanding on identified strengths and skills.

Our early childhood education programs are geared towards helping children grow socially and emotionally and to facilitate the transition to school. Our goal is to help children develop into active learners with strong communication skills and creativity, a positive sense of identity and healthy self-confidence.

We also incorporate regular sports and music into our programs, as well as promoting environmental awareness, cultural sensitivity and diversity and a sense of community.

Premium Childcare and Early Childhood Education near Campbellfield

If you live in Campbellfield and you’re looking for top-quality childcare, kindergarten or pre kindergarten, preschool or long day care, contact Matrix Early Learning now.